I'm from central Missouri and work mostly in oil and watercolor. I paint people, places, and things that resonate with me. A large part of the significance of the paintings to me is how they are painted. The subject matter of my paintings can vary greatly, but the accuracy and energy of the brushwork and drawing is a major part of the content or the reason to do the paintings. 

My paintings run the gamut from bright and assertive to dark and reserved. But, I feel they all have a similar sensitivity of time and place. In each I’ve worked from something that I had seen and thought would have enough character to hold the weight of a painting. A driving force of what helps that succeed (or fall short) is how I paint them. For me, color needs to be vibrant and nuanced, while the marks need to be dynamic and descriptive. These are formal or technical issues, but they mean a lot for me and very central to my practice. Within this approach is a goal to represent a place or person, the light that falls on them and the beauty that results.